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DeSite SLG-68V Topsoil Screener

DeSite SLG-68V Topsoil Screener

For sale is a DeSite SLG-68V Topsoil Screener.  This is the newest model of the 68, and it has new and improved features.  This years model has a screen deck that is 68 inches wide and 52 inches long, giving the screener over 25 sq/ft of screening surface, and can be fed with up to a 66 inch bucket.  The SLG 68V now comes with the same durable coil and leaf spring system which is put into the SLG 78VF screener. A steeper deck angle makes material travel faster for better screening of wet materials.  The flatter deck slope slows material flow and works best with gravels, sand, and dry soils. The SLG 68V comes with a dual eccentric (110 volt) 4000 rpm vibratory pack, which is the same vibratory power built into the SLG 78VF.  The motor and eccentric system is sealed away from the elements and maintenance free. The SLG 68V vibratory pack draws 4 to 5 amps and works off a 15 amp circuit or can be powered with a compact 3500 watt portable generator. Rubber skirts have been added to each side of the screen deck to catch stray material falling from the bucket that might miss the deck.  A feeder plate has also been added to increase efficiency and to make the screener easier to feed. It allows the operator to use 100% of the screen deck when feeding the screener. This screener weighs in at 1475 lbs. The SLG 68V stands alone as the most affordable sub-compact portable vibratory screener on the market. Built to produce, built for versatility, and built to last. Please contact us if you would like to see a live demonstration or with any other questions you may have.   



  • Screen Box Width:      88 inches

  • Screen Box Height:     77 inches

  • Screen Box Depth:      48 inches

  • Total Weight:         1475 lbs

  • Screen Deck Width:      68 inches

  • Screen Deck Length:    52 inches

  • Screen Deck Surface area:   25 sq/ft

  • Screen Deck Tilt Angle 45 to 30 Degrees

  • Eccentric Force    760 lbs per/revolution

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