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DeSite SLG-108VFRB Topsoil Screener

DeSite SLG-108VFRB Topsoil Screener

For sale is a DeSite SLG-108VFRB topsoil screener.  The SLG-108VFRB designed to be fed with up to a 9ft 3 yard bucket. It has a 6ft x 10ft screen deck that will screen from 30 to 60 yards per hour depending upon mesh size material and moisture levels. It is powered by dual 110 volt (4000 rpm) vibratory packs. It is not only our biggest screener but also our most versatile vibratory screening machine. The SLG-108VFRB, off the riser can be fed with bucket tractors, compact excavators and skid steers. When up on the riser box the SLG-108VFRB can be fed with full size excavators, backhoes and wheel loaders. We offer more than a dozen mesh sizes from 1/8 inch to 4 inches for screening everything from sand to soil, compost, gravel rock, recycled asphalt and crushed concrete.  The SLG 108-VFRB can adjust to various positions for different materials with varying moisture levels. It performs well in all soil conditions: wet, dry, sandy, rocky and even frozen soil. To slow material flow, the operator only needs to flatten the deck slope with the bucket while feeding the screener. Leaving the screener at a steeper slope allows material to travel faster for screening high moisture materials.The SLG-108VFRB comes fitted with dual eccentric vibratory pack. The motors turn at 4000 rpm and each produce about 760 lbs of force as they spin. When at operating rpm each vibratory pack only draw about 5 amps. The DeSite eccentric vibratory packs are oil ring sealed to keep dust and moisture out. Electric componentry is encased in rubber to absorb vibration transferred from the eccentrics.The SLG-108VFRB deflector has the ability to open and close as needed to handle oversize material. The SLG-108VFRB feed deflector fits into the quick disconnect lugs. Quick disconnect mounting allows for the feeder to be easily removed turning the SLG-108VFRB into a vibrating grizzly screen deck to screen materials like bulky construction demolition debris. The cantilevered suspension system allows the deck to pivot from 45 degrees for high moisture material all the way back to 30 degrees for sand and soils with low moisture. The cantilevered suspension gives the operator maximum control over the screening process. Having only four grease points the SLG-108VFRB means more time is spent screening and less time is spent on maintenance. The SLG-108VFRB riser box is 28 inches tall, 10 ft wide with a weight of 750 lbs. When on the Riser Box the SLG-108VFRB works efficiently with larger machines like full size excavators, backhoes and wheel loaders. When off the Riser Box the SLG-108VFRB feed height is reduced to 8ft for efficient feeding with skid steers, compact excavators, and bucket tractors. The screener attaches to the riser with four 4” nylon straps on each corner. The SLG-108VFRB can be moved around the worksite easily with either forks or with our Bucket Transport Lugs and your machines bucket. We also sell a SLG-78VF which is the next size down, and a SLG-68V which is the smallest screener.  Please feel free to contact us for a live demonstration and any questions you may have.


  • Screen Box Width: 126 inches.

  • Screen Box Height: 95 inches.

  • Screen Box Depth:  73 inches.

  • Screen Deck Width: 110 inches.

  • Screen Deck Length: 72 inches.

  • Screen Deck Surface Area: 58 sq/ft.

  • Screen Deck Tilt Angle: 45-30 degrees.

  • Vibratory Style: Dual Eccentric Armature.

  • Eccentric Rotation: 4000 rpm.

  • Amperage Draw: 5 Amps per motor (4000 rpm).

  • Eccentric Force: 760 lbs. per/revolution.  

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