DeSite SLG-78VFG Topsoil Screener

DeSite SLG-78VFG Topsoil Screener

For sale is a DeSite SLG-78VFG Gas Screener.  It has a Dump and Go design which means more buckets of material through our SLG-78VFG screener each hour. More buckets each hour means more production and more money each hour. The feed deflector system keeps your screener close to the material needing to be screened is important big hourly production.  All SLG vibratory screeners come with “Grab and Go” Lift Pockets for moving the screener with your pallet forks or with the Bucket Transport Lugs as an accessory (additional cost). SLG Bucket Transport Lugs slide into the fork pockets giving you the ability to move the screener closer to the work in just a minute or two.  On the DeSite SLG-78VFG design will you find a screen deck with horizontal action at the top transitioning to vertical movement at the bottom. Elliptical horizontal rotation at the top and in the Feed hopper keep the material in movement while in the hopper. After material flows past the metering wings the deck transitions into an aggressive vertical action. The top of the deck is moving 3/8 of an inch at 580 rpm elliptically while the bottom of the screen deck is moving 1-1/4 of an inch vertically at 580 rpm.  The SLG-78VFG not only drives the deck up and down 1 1/4 inches 580 times a minute but it also comes equipped with a 110 volt (4000 rpm) vibratory pack when screening high moisture materials. Our dual vibratory system allow 78VFG owners to process wet material when others are waiting for drier weather. The SLG-78VFG metering wings are adjustable. Not only do they rotate but they also have have the ability to move up and down, traveling inside of UHMW sleeves.Directly below the the screen deck and feed hopper you will find two mount support arms to support the deck and pivot on. This design allows for up to 2,500lbs of material to be on the screener while using very literal horsepower to shake the deck. The SLG-78VFG comes fitted with Genuine Honda Power. The engine is a GX200HX with 6 to 1 gear reduction system.  The SLG-78VFG has been designed to load lengthwise or crosswise on the trailer leaving room for your skid steer or compact excavator. We also sell a SLG-68V which is a smaller screener, and a SLG-108VFRB which is a bigger screener. Please feel free to contact us for a live demonstration and any questions you may have.



  • Screen Box Width: 117 inches.

  • Screen Box Depth: 94 inches.

  • Screen Box Height: 60 inches.

  • Total Weight: 2,500lbs.

  • Screen Deck Width: 80 inches.

  • Screen Deck Length: 52 inches.

  • Screen Deck Surface Area: 29 sq/ft.

  • Screen Deck Tilt Angle: 45 to 30 degrees.

  • Eccentric Force: 760 lbs per revolution.

  • Vibratory Style: Dual Eccentric Armature.

  • Eccentric Rotation: 4,000 rpm.

  • Amperage Draw: 5 Amps per motor (4,000 rpm).

  • Gas Engine: Honda GX 200 HX

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